PocketSat3 (v3.5)

For devices running iOS and Android
PocketSat3 is a full-featured satellite tracking application for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and is designed to be usable by both experienced satellite trackers as well as novices who are just interested in knowing when they can look up in the sky and see satellites. It is the 3rd major revision in the PocketSat series, which has set the standard for portable satellite tracking since 1999. PocketSat3 can display real-time plots of multiple satellites on both Earth maps and Sky charts. It also includes tools to predict when satellites will pass overhead and potentially be visible.
To download, register, or purchase PocketSat3:
PocketSat3 for iOS
compatible with all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices with iPhone OS 3.1 or greater.
PocketSat3 for Android
compatible with devices running Android v2.1 or greater.
Features of PocketSat3 include:
  • Configurable to compute satellite visibility from any location on Earth. Can query the device for your current location.
  • Orbital data can be downloaded directly from the Internet, even if it is in a zip file.
  • Track and plot real-time positions of up to 1000 satellites simultaneously.
  • Map view shows satellite position and orbit track on an Earth map.
  • Sky view shows satellite position and path in the Sky, as well as current brightness.
  • Sky view can show positions of Sun and Moon, as well as bright stars and constellations.
  • "Night Vision Red" display option helps preserve your eyes' dark adaptation
  • Flexible application clock can be set to any date and time as well as clock rate, allowing "what happens when…" experiments. You can make time stand still or even go backwards if you wish. A single button press restores the clock to current system time.
  • "Pass" mode allows pre-calculation of satellites that will pass over a particular location during a given time span, including filters for minimum altitude and brightness and whether or not a satellite is lit by the Sun and thus potentially visible.
  • System alarms can be set to remind you when a pre-calculated pass is about to occur, even if PocketSat3 is not currently active.
  • Predicts Iridium flare events. Not just the really bright ones: all of them.
  • Does not require an Internet connection to operate, though you will periodically need one in order to download orbital data.
  • Uses full "revised" SGP4 and SDP4 orbit propagation algorithms, allowing accurate tracking of any satellite.
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