PocketSat3 for Android OS

PocketSat3 for Android can be obtained from a couple of different sources depending on your preferences:

From here you can download PocketSat3 fror Android. It will initially be in "Evaluation Mode", in which all features are fully enabled, but that includes (hopefully) annoying pop-up reminders and that will only run for 21 days without being registered.
Download PocketSat3 for Android
Click here for non-Market application installation instructions.
You can purchase a registration code for US$25 that can be entered into the installed app which will cause the time limit - and the annoying pop-up messages - to go away. (There is a half-price "previous customer" discount available. Click the following link for details.)
Register your copy of PocketSat3 for Android

Android Market:
In my opinion, the Android Market doesn't give users nearly long enough (15 minutes) to evaluate apps and then be able to cancel a purchase they have made, especially for an app as big and complicated as PocketSat3, so there is a free "demo" version of PocketSat3 on the Market, as well as the $25 "paid" version.
The free version has all of the features of the paid one but never saves any data or preferences between sessions, so each time you start it you have to set your observer location, load any satellites, set preferences, etc... Basically, it is impractical to use on a regular basis, but can be used to "kick the tires" as well as ensuring device compatibilty. I would strongly suggest that anyone thinking about buying the paid version should download and test the free one first.
The free demo version is avalable here: PocketSat3 Demo on the Android Market
Once you have decided that you want to buy the pad version, it can be found here: PocketSat3 Full Version on the Android Market

Choosing where to get PocketSat3:
Why you might want to get it here:
  • You are a previously registered PocketSat product user, and want to get the discount price
  • Your device does not have access to the Android Market
  • You have had issues in the past with the Android Market licensing system (LVL)
Why you might want to get it from the Android Market:
  • You prefer that all of your apps come from the Android Market.
  • Your device does not allow apps to be installed from "untrusted sources" (note that in most cases you can turn this on and off in your Android system settings)
  • You can get automatic updates when they come out.
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