PocketSat3 for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

How to purchase PocketSat3 for iOS:
You can buy PocketSat3 either from iTunes or by visiting the App Store on your device. In either case, searching for "PocketSat3" will get you to it. Or, you can use this link:
Find PocketSat3 using iTunes
to start up iTunes on your computer and go straight to PocketSat3.
PocketSat3 LE
In addition to the full PocketSat3 application, there is also a less expensive "LE" version available. It is identical to PocketSat3 except that it only works with a fixed set of 40 of the brightest satellites in the sky. These include the International Space Station, the Hubble Space Telescope, and the Space Shuttle (if it happens to be flying) so PocketSat3 LE is perfect for the neophyte or casual satellite observer who would still like to use a full-featured tool.
Note that as a consequence of the fact that the LE version does not load data for any Iridium commuications satellites, it cannot predict Iridium flare events.
Find PocketSat3 LE using iTunes
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