Register PocketSat3 for Android OS

Previously registered users of other PocketSat products click here for upgrade/discount info.

A registration code for PocketSat3 costs US$25 and will work with any future releases of PocketSat3.

When you press the button below you will be transferred to a secure server owned by, where you will be asked to enter your credit card information and the sale will be processed.

Once the credit card processing is complete you will be returned to this site where you will be given a registration code calculated from the 8-digit "Device ID" that you enter below.

The "Device ID" for your device can be found by running PocketSat3 and going to the "Registration" page either by answering "yes" to the prompt, or by selecting Prefs->Global->Register.

Please make sure PocketSat3 runs properly on your device in trial mode before you register it.

Device ID: